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Rowena- thank you, thank you for such a powerful session. Your space is relaxing/comfortable, and the messages you convey are sound & I am so grateful for the huge shift you assisted me with within just an hour. Looking forward to another healing session with you!

Susie R.



I highly recommend Rowena McKee’s healing work. From her, I have learned the art of balance. I have had several spontaneous healings since beginning my tuning fork certification in 2018. As well as two thwarted cancer scares that kept me from having to have knee surgery. I now see the power of my thoughts to build my world under my instruction. I no longer rely on others to help me because I know for a fact I possess that ability within my fork practice. I’ve learned life is a pendulum, lows and highs, lights and darks. If I just wait all flows back to harmony and resonates there naturally. I have all the power over my own circumstances. For this, I will always be grateful to Rowena and will forever continue these studies.

Denise B.



I've had a long journey back from chemo, radiation, and stroke rehab. I cannot begin to say how wonderful, and positive my healing has been with the assistance of Rowena McKee and her therapies.

Charlotte N.



Releasing emotions that no longer serve my well-being has greatly improved my health this year! Thank you Rowena McKee for your intuitive sound-assisted healing!

J W.


Rowena is a revolutionary, profound guide and healer.  I've seen many spiritual teachers, energy workers and intuitives over the course of my life and she is all of those wrapped up in one. As a devotee to my personal healing, I outgrew many of the guides I went to because they weren't doing their own personal work, and others can only help you heal as far as they've healed themselves. Rowena has gone the distance and continues to expand in ways that inspire me greatly. She sees everyone as equals and reminds others that the True Guru lies within.


I've taken many classes with her as well as one on one sessions, and she is always offering new tools for self-empowerment that I can use on my own. She brings forward and teaches the sacredness of ancient wisdom with such integrity and purity.


When I began seeing Rowena, I never knew how far I'd go, but with my commitment and her guidance I have successfully moved through my shadow and into the true sense of freedom; free from judgment, free to love.


I could write a novel on my gratitude for this Northern Star but I'll leave with this; had I not had the courage to reach out to Rowena for help when I did, I would likely not be here, in absolute joy for my journey from darkness into light. Leigh C.


If you are interested in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for yourself and others I recommend Harmonic Sounds for Healing Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Courses. All of the classes offered by Rowena McKee are highly recommended. Her knowledge about the body systems and how they work together not just physically but emotionally, and spiritually is excellent. Personally, I found the outcome to be more profound when I applied the knowledge gained from Rowena's college-level material for myself first. This allowed me to bring my own body/mind/soul back into balance, creating less brain fog, more mental clarity, and increased awareness.  This allows one to have a deeper understanding of what a client/friend/family member would be experiencing when skillfully applied.

Amanda B.


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