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Rowena McKee

*Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
*Holistic Nutritionist & Health Consultant
*Tuning Fork Sound Healing Specialist & Instructor

* EFT Practitioner - Energy Psychology


Holistic Healing Therapies since 2010

Member - Association of Drugless Practitioners

Contact Information:

503.758.9922 call/text




Online Tuning Fork Therapy Training Courses

Rowena has been specializing in alternative therapies since 2009  and is a specialist in the field of Sound Healing and a Tuning Fork Sound Healing Specialist, Researcher, and Educator. She is a musician (classically trained pianist & past piano instructor) and has been practicing in the field of Sound Healing and Tuning Fork Sound Therapy since 2012.  She is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, and Life Coach. 


 Harmonic Sound Healing Tuning Fork Therapy induces deep relaxation,  and promotes the release of tension, anxiety, and inner stress, while calming the mind and emotions.  Through the principle of resonance and the science of cymatics,  when skillfully administered, specific harmonic sound healing frequencies via tuning forks infuse energy into the glands, organs, tissues, and cells assisting to activate the body's innate healing mechanisms.  Specific tuning fork frequencies promote specific health benefits and these benefits will be presented in the courses being offered.

Rowena brings to her classes her extensive knowledge of all of the major tuning forks and tuning fork sets on the market, and how to optimize their uses  with techniques, treatments, and applications for health and wellness.


She shares her knowledge base within her classes to assist her students in understanding how to use tuning forks to balance the systems of the body, and understand their inner workings, functions, and the structure of the body and mind. Her ability to use and teach proven frequencies to facilitate healing through the principle of resonance has been remarkable. These tuning fork frequencies are excellent in assisting to release pain, inflammation, tension, and energy stagnation, and reactivating the innate cellular blueprint to re-energize cellular function and bring balance and harmony.


If you are interested in going through any of the training courses or the entire certification program please contact Rowena for additional information and/or to learn how to start your tuning fork sound therapy journey today.


​Each Course is paid for by the level. The cost for each level is $225, plus the class tuning forks.  Some Courses are 2 levels and some are 3 levels. Once the Course is paid for you will be sent the Course Video and student training manual. Rowena takes a hands-on approach with all of her students to make sure that they fully understand their coursework, applications, and techniques. She is available to answer questions via email as they come up. She will also meet virtually with each of her students after they finish each level, and before moving on to the next level.

 Please contact Rowena for payment options, to purchase class tuning forks, and for further details.


Contact Information:

 Rowena McKee - call/text 503-758-9922 or email


Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy 

Training Video Classes​


Basic Tuning Fork Therapy Training 

(Class Videos - Levels 1-3, approx. 17 hours of training)

Total Tuition Cost: $675 (paid in three payments of $225 - includes post-class support as needed - the tuition does not include the cost of the class tuning forks)

Tuning Forks Taught: 8 pc. Harmonic Spectrum Tuning Fork Set, 5 pc Harmonic Spectrum Sharp Set, 999 Hz, 586 Hz.

Course Description

This class is for those who wish to learn more about tuning fork sound healing therapy.  Specific tuning fork frequencies will be taught for personal use to assist keeping one in balance physically,  and emotionally.  They will also be taught to the professional who wants a comprehensive introduction to sound healing, tuning fork training therapy leading to the creation of or adding to a current healing modality.

More people are recognizing the benefits of Sound Healing for staying healthy and maintaining coherence between body, mind, and spirit. Sound Healing is one of those modalities that can greatly assist the nervous system, all body systems, and the emotional body. 

Many professionals are also recognizing how sound healing therapy can enhance their practices. Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Counselors, Life Coaches, Reiki Practitioners, EFT Practitioners, Energy Workers, and many other modalities all benefit from Sound Healing Tuning Fork Therapy.

There will be 8 Tuning Forks in this level one class. These professional-quality tuning forks will be available for purchase. We will use a basic tuning fork set that has wide uses and one weighted tuning fork that delivers vibration to bone, and tissue and assists in relaxation, releasing knots, inflammation, and tension.

Course Contents:

*Tuning Fork Basics, Care & Techniques & Applications

*Principles of Sound Healing - Matter, Sound Frequencies & Intervals - Science of Sound

*How We See Sound – The Science of Cymatics 

* The Benefits of Sound Healing

*Harmonic Spectrum Tuning Fork Set - Introduction (also known as the Solar Harmonic Spectrum Set)

*General Benefits of the Harmonic Spectrum Tuners

*Understanding the Harmonic Spectrum Scale - Introduction to each frequency

*Learn how to combine tuning fork through using the Intervalic system - basic healing benefits of the intervals -

*Whole Body Tuners (Harmonic/Perfect 5th) and their abilities for healing

*The Nervous System & how to balance it

*The Energy Centers & how to balance them

*Working with the Emotional System

*Treatments for better sleep, digestion, grounding, increasing motivation, reducing depression, reducing grief, and loss, and calming the body

*Balancing the Organ System, Endocrine System, Meridian System, Respiratory System, and circulatory System

*Working with subtle energy and running energy with tuning forks

*Using Crystals with Tuning Forks

This course comes with a comprehensive manual and tutoring as needed



Brain Health Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training

(Class Videos - Level 1 and 2 -  approx.11 hours of training)

Total Tuition Cost: $450  - (paid in two payments of $225 each and includes post-class support as needed - the tuition does not include the cost of course tuning forks.)


Tuning Forks Taught: 5 pc Brainwave Tuning Fork Set, Solar Harmonic 384 Hz, and 341 Hz, 40 Hz Gamma Fork, Schumann Resonance Tuning Fork Set, and Schumann Resonance Fifth - 93.96 Hz (also known as the Sonic Slider)

Course Description

In this course, you will be trained in the tuning fork frequencies that assist in balancing the different components of the brain. Having a healthy functioning brain is paramount to healthy functioning body systems. These systems, such as the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, and organ system are greatly influenced and directed by the different parts of the brain which sends signals to all parts of the body giving it directions for various autonomic functions.

In this Brain Health Tuning Fork Training course, you will learn how to tune and balance the brainwaves, brain hemispheres, limbic brain (the emotional part of the brain), and ventricles of the brain, pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, and more. 

You will be given information about these areas of the brain and their functions, and importance within the brain and body. Each student will have a chance to use the tuning forks in class to experience first-hand how they feel. 

Students will be given protocols and specific treatments to assist brain function and other functions such as assisting with sleep, the nervous system, and the emotional system. The different aspects of brain function will be broken down into a usable format during class.

There are many issues that may arise within the body that can be assisted by having a healthy functioning whole brain. The knowledge gained in this class will give you a deeper understanding of how to keep your brain healthy, therefore assisting your body, mind, emotions, and spirit for health and well-being. This class comes with a comprehensive training manual. This class will not be recorded.

CEUs are available.

​This class comes with a comprehensive manual and tutoring as needed


Ancient Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training

(Class videos - Level 1 & 2 - approx. 11 hours of training)


Total Tuition Cost: $450 - (paid in two payments of $225 each and includes post-class support as needed - the tuition does not include the cost of course tuning forks)

Course Tuning Forks Taught - 9 pc unweighted Solfeggio Tuners

Course Description

If you have been wondering about Sound Healing with Tuning Forks in general or the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and how they assist with healing, then this is the class for you. Come experience how these lovely tones feel in your body and spirit. Each frequency will be showcased for its ability to assist the body and emotions. You will be given tuning fork techniques that allow you to use these tuning forks in combination with each other and as separate tuners.


Sound Healing Tuning Fork Therapy is used for personal health and wellness and as an add-on to other healing modalities such as massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, Reiki, and all body and energy work. This class is for the beginner through advanced tuning fork skill levels.

The Solfeggio frequencies/Solfeggio Tuning Forks are healing codes and nutrients for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In this course, you will learn how to use the Solfeggio Tuning Forks (9 unweighted tuners) - how to combine the frequencies together, and what each tuning fork or frequency unlocks in your body. Each of these tones resonates with the body and has profound healing abilities.

Course Content:

*Tuning Fork Basics - Techniques and uses

*Science of Sound and principles of sound healing and how the body utilizes these harmonic frequencies to assist in healing

* Hands-on Practice and application with the Solfeggio Tuning Forks

*Balancing Your Energy Centers w/ Solfeggio frequencies

*How to use these tones to release emotions and pain in the body.

*Re-patterning the body, mind & emotions

*Purifying your food and water

*Attributes and uses of each of the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

*The 528: What is so unique about the 528 Hz frequency?

and more...

*The importance of the number 3, 6, 9 and their core creation values and how these tuning forks utilize the vibrations of these three numbers

*You will be shown how to use these forks for specific areas of the body to improve function in organs, glands, the brain, and tissue


​This class comes with a comprehensive manual and tutoring as needed


Vibrational Bodywork, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training

(Class Videos - Levels 1-3, approx. 17 hours of training)

Total Tuition Cost: $675  (paid in three payments of $225 each and includes post-class support as needed - the tuition cost does not include the cost of the tuning forks)

Tuning Forks Taught: All Weighted: Otto Tuners 32 Hz, 64 Hz, 128 Hz, OM 136 Hz, 68.05 Hz, Acute Inflammation Tuner, Chronic Inflammation Tuner,  50 Hz, 78 Hz

Course Description

These weighted tuning forks deliver vibration deep into bone and tissue. Weighted forks are used as a vibrational massage, to promote relaxation, remove inflammation, remove knots, and pain, and reduce swelling and tension in tissue and bone.

Each frequency has very specific conditions within the body that it can assist with, plus general qualities as well. Weighted tuning forks are also good for supporting the bones and re-proportioning bone structure. Learn how to work on the back, hips, head, legs, feet, arms, and hands with weighted tuning forks.


Massage Therapists and Reflexologists, find these weighted tuning forks especially helpful in their work. These forks work very efficiently at driving vibration very deep to shift tissue and bone. They have the ability to save hands and fingers from being overworked.


Class Contents

*Basic Anatomy of weighted tuning forks

* Tuning Fork Techniques, treatments, and Protocols

*Science of Sound - how the physics of resonance works in the body and the basic principles of sound healing - how sound vibrations work and why they work within the body.

*You will see plenty of demonstrations on how to use these forks

*You will be shown how to use the forks on the body and up to the ears

*Learn how to do a tuning fork therapy session for yourself and someone else.

*You will be given assistance on how to incorporate tuning forks into your healing practice and how to use them for yourself personally.


*Techniques and applications for removing knots, tension, inflammation, and resetting injuries to assist in healing.

​This class comes with a comprehensive manual and tutoring as needed


 Fibonacci & Sacred Geometry Tuning Fork Therapy Training - 

(Class Videos - Levels 1-2 - approx. 11 hours of training)



Total Tuition Cost: $450 - (paid in two payments of $225 each and includes post-class support as needed - the tuition does not include the cost of course tuning forks.)


Course Tuning Forks Taught: 8 pc Fibonacci Tuning Fork Set


You will be trained in the use of the Fibonacci tuning forks, treatments for yourself and others, techniques, and applications. You will be shown how they apply to the natural cycles and rhythms of Nature and the Cosmos. You will learn about Sacred Geometry, the Phi Ratio, and the Golden Proportion and how these intelligently designed and self-organizing Fibonacci Spirals are the growth spirals or logarithms for all of life. We will see how the birds of prey fly in a spiral, the flowers, and trees grow in this natural spiral, and how shells, animals, and humans show this spiral through ratios in their physiology.  The Sacred Fibonacci Spiral activates all form and matter and interconnects with the five Platonic Solids, which are the building blocks of creation. 

The Fibonacci Tuning fork and its ratios re-create that sacred spiral,  activating our own innate blueprint in a healthy beneficial way.  When we become aware of how all nature including our body and mind interact with this dual spiral on various levels through using these tuning forks we can activate our bodies at the cellular level and also move into high states of awareness.


In understanding how these tuning forks work we assist in bringing the body, mind, and spirit into greater wholeness. These tuning forks address the subtle and electrical energetics of the body, such as the nervous system, meridian system, the brain, and all subtle energetic pathways. Using these tuning forks can bring greater awareness into your life, assist in shifting addictive behaviors, and bring calm, and relaxation to the body and mind. 

As the body relaxes and feels that sense of calm, the Fibonacci Tuners assist one to move into a state of observing the self from a space of greater neutrality which allows one to make better choices and decisions in life.

This class is sure to give you greater insight into ways to assist you personally and to get a glimpse of our intelligently designed universe.

​This class comes with a comprehensive manual and tutoring as needed

Chakra Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training

(Class Videos - Levels 1-2, 10 plus hours of training)




Total Tuition Cost: $450 -  (paid in two payments of $225 each and including post-class support as needed. The tuition cost does not include the course tuning forks)


Course Tuning Forks Taught:  9 pc Chakra Set


Course Description:

The Energy Centers and their system (Chakras) have become a topic of interest over the past number of years as people look for ways to create health and wellness. In this interactive online class, you will learn how to use tuning forks to balance your Chakra Energy Centers. You will be given information on the Chakras, techniques, and tools to keep the energy centers balanced and functioning at optimal levels. This class is for all skill levels, beginning through advanced.


Using the Chakra Tuning Fork Set is an easy way to assist with staying healthy emotionally, and physically.  The Chakra Tuning Fork set has 8 Tuning Forks. 

Listening to these tuning forks is like listening to the "Music of the Spheres". When we attune to our Chakras we are also attuning to the planets and their frequencies, we become more connected to our inner world and the natural world around us. The frequencies used in this set are the scientific frequencies of the actual planets. The Earth, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and OM, which is an Earth tone will be covered in the class, and their ability to keep us grounded and in self-connection, leading to a clearer mind and Cosmic connection.


Course Contents

*Basic Tuning Fork Use & Techniques

*Science of Sound and Sound Healing

*Sound Healing w/ Tuning Forks - healing & preventative health

*How to tune your Chakras Energy Centers - 

*The Science of the Chakra system

*Chakras - Insights & Information – Spiritual & Physically

*The Inner Planets & Astrology and using the Chakra Tuners as they relate to your Natal Chart (your blueprint)

*The attributes of each planet and its association with each Chakra

*Combining different frequencies to assist in the healing of specific conditions within the body



Additional Information

All classes are stand-alone, but may be combined for optimal learning and used together to create an entire Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Practice, allowing you to earn a Harmonic Sounds for Healing Tuning Fork Training Practitioner's Certification


*LMT CEUs available for all online classes

​NOTE: No Refunds will be available after payment has been made on any of the courses - Upon approval, any course that has been paid for can be transferred for credit to be used for another course.

​This class comes with a comprehensive manual and tutoring as needed

Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy Training

Certification Program

To qualify for Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Tuning Fork Therapy Training Certification, all courses and their levels must be completed along with the Practitioner Course level 1 and 2. The Practitioner Courses may only be taken if you are enrolled in the Certification Program.

The average time to complete all of the classes is approximately 14 to 18 months, but it may be extended longer if desired.

Practitioner Course, Level 1 & 2

This class is taken as the last module after having taken all of the above classes.  Practitioner level one and two links and tie together all of the previous tuning fork training classes.


Class Content

*You will further bring together all of your previous learning, making sure that there is a greater understanding how all of the tuning forks and tuning fork sets work together as a whole system.

*How to use the various frequencies for different conditions, and linking all the information

together to create the types of sessions that are the most profound. 

*You will be given ethics conduct as one who facilitates alternative healing

*Practicle business applications as a practitioner.

*How to create your own business and/or use tuning forks as an add-on to your current

business .......and more. 


This will get you started as a practitioner and assist your confidence level. 

The Practitioner course, levels 1 and 2 may ONLY be taken by the individual who has

submitted the first of four case studies.


The other three are required to be done after

the practitioner levels 1 and 2 within four months of completing these two Practitioner

levels. The Practitioner level may be taken by those committed to doing ALL four case

studies which is the last requirement for earning a Harmonic Sounds For Healing -

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Training Certification.

Rather than taking a test, you will be required to do four individual case studies - 12

sessions total, four sessions per individual, on three different individuals, plus a case

study on yourself (Self-Case Study) documenting how this training has assisted your health and wellness personally.  The Self-Case Study must be completed and turned in to the instructor prior to taking the Practitioner Courses level 1 and 2. The remaining three case studies need to be completed within four months of completing the Practitioner Classes.


Each case study must be fully documented in a 'Word' Document format. Once these case studies have been completed, documented, and sent to the instructor (Rowena McKee), and have gone

through the review process, Rowena will meet with you virtually, and then issue you

your certificate.



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