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Rowena McKee 




*Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

*Holistic Nutritionist

*Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Specialist, Educator

and Sound Researcher

*Personal Growth & Emotional - Trauma Release Therapist


Member - Association of Drugless Practitioners





Private Mentoring Tuning Fork Sound Therapy  Training Sessions


 With Rowena McKee - An Expert in the Field of  Tuning Fork Sound Therapy 

(In-person Portland, OR. area & Virtual Sessions available)


For those who own tuning forks and would like tailored information for  the tuning forks you own, or are looking to purchase, learning about them has now become easier. 


Through private mentoring sessions you will gain more knowledge about using tuning fork sound therapy for yourself and others -  techniques - applications -  benefits of the various tuning forks and their frequencies - treatments -  science of sound etc. Rowena is able to train you on practical treatments, health benefits and uses for most tuning fork frequency or tuning fork sets on the market.


Contact Rowena at to schedule your session


One-Hour Session - $80

Each 2 hour session - $150


Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Sessions

( In-Person, Portland, OR. area  & SW Washington)


Tailored Sessions to Your Needs ~

**Whole Body Tuning -  For those who have health concerns and/or would like to have their entire body tuned for better function, support and balance - (balancing the nervous system, organ system, meridian system, endocrine system, respiratory system, circulatory system, and chakra system)

**Emotional Components -  For those who feel overwhelmed with emotional tension and anxiety and/or want a tune up for their emotions (Balancing and repatterning emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, guilt, loss, mental tension, grief, and other emotions.)

**Deep Vibrational Message & Relaxation - For Those who would like a relaxing massage via gentle and soothing vibrations. (Brings deep relaxation to the entire cellular structure - bone and tissue - facilitating energetic reconnection and flow to the body.

**Vibrational Bodywork - This is for those who suffer from Injuries from sports, car accidents etc., inflammation in joints and tissue,  and structural issues of the bone and tissue and general aches and pains. 

Tuning fork Sound Therapy will assist in releasing stuck energy, knots, and tension in bone, tissue, muscles,  tendons, therefore improving energy flow, reducing/eliminating pain, and improving the movement and flexibility in affected areas.  Specific Tuning Fork frequencies are used directly on bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissue, to support healing. With assistance from tuning forks emotional trauma left within tissue due to injuries will be released so further shifting and healing can occur. 

**Brain Health - Brain-Reboot - For those who are foggy brained, memory loss, have had a brain injury or are on the computer and devices a lot.  Balancing Brainwaves, Mid-Brain, Hind Brain and Frontal Brain and their various components. 


Emotional Well-being


 Personal Growth Sessions

(Virtual/phone Sessions and In-Person Portland, OR.  area & SW Washington)


Do you wish to be rid of emotional thoughts that keep surfacing and recycling? Do you desire to remove stress from your life and learn how to relax and enjoy life? Energy Psychology is a meridian-based type of energy healing system that assists in emotional wellbeing.  It is based on Science and  combines acupressure with mind-body medicine, often referred to as acupressure for the emotions. It is gentle, simple and an easy way to release deeply grooved and surface emotional imprints and patterns stored in the body's cellular memory, subconscious, and nervous system. It also works with the brain to neutralize repeated and looping stories housed there and in the subconscious mind.


When used skillfully Energy Psychology is profound in helping to release these uncomfortable feelings and emotional wounds. Energy Psychology is based on the principles of the Science of Epigenetics. Once challenging emotional frequencies held within the body are neutralized the brain re-calibrates and new healthy neural pathways are formed and grooved. This assists the shifting of behaviors and thoughts, bringing them into harmony.  In Energy Psychology,  the techniques used are EFT/Tapping, reframing, and visualization. 


Rowena McKee brings to each session her ability to re-frame and expand her client's understanding and compassion for self, expanded perspective, insight into new potentials, increased clarity, and the way forward with ease and grace.

Energy Psychology neutralizes negative emotions and trauma  that have been imprinted into the cellular memory by vibrating (gently tapping) on various acupressure points.  This is also profound for healing patterns and imprints remaining from childhood habits, abuse or wounds. In a session with Rowena you will not be using the "traditional" scripts used in EFT, but instead a highly effective modification will be used.


Rowena has a unique ability to get to the core of  ANY emotional stress and issue, resulting in more vitality, joy and lightness of spirit. She teaches her clients various techniques to assist in gaining emotional mastery and self-empowerment.  With consistency,  all emotional pain, relationship issues, anxiety, grief, loss, PTSD, life challenges, and the repeated stories we tell ourselves over and  over can be neutralized, allowing one to step into a state of health and wellbeing.  


Nutritional Health Consultations

(Virtual/Phone and In-Person, Portland OR. & SW Washington)


Rowena has been a practicing Holistic Nutritionist since 2008 and assists her clients to create an easy to follow plan to shift health issues. Through education and breaking down and applying health concepts, that can often be difficult to understand, she individualizes and tailors each session to her client's needs for health and wholeness.


To Book a session contact Rowena McKee at



60 Minute Session

Sliding Scale: $90-$120

90 Minute Session

Sliding Scale: $135-$180


To find out if any of these services offered are a fit for you book a free 20 minute consultation

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