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Rowena McKee

*Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
*Tuning Fork Sound Healing Specialist & Instructor

*Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

*Holistic Nutritionist

*Meridian Psychotherapist

*Energy Psychology & EFT Practitioner


Holistic Healing Therapies since 2010

Member - Association of Drugless Practitioners

Contact Information:

503.758.9922 call/text



Holistic Healing Therapies




Tuning Fork Sound  Healing Sessions

(In-person, East Portland, OR)

**Whole Body Tuning -  For those who have health concerns and/or would like to have their entire body tuned for better function, support, and balance - (balancing the nervous system, organ system, meridian system, endocrine system, respiratory system, circulatory system, and chakra system) - May be combined with a Holistic Nutrition Session.

**Emotional Components -  For those who feel overwhelmed with emotional tension, anxiety, and other emotions, and/or want a tune-up for their emotional body, and/or assistance in removing trauma from the nervous system and the body. Included is a rebalancing of the Limbic Brain, the area of the brain that is overstimulated by fear and other difficult emotions.

**Deep Vibrational Message & Relaxation - For Those who would like a relaxing massage via gentle and soothing vibrations. (Brings deep relaxation to the entire cellular structure - bone and tissue - facilitating energetic reconnection and flow to the body.

**Vibrational Bodywork - For those who suffer from Injuries due to sports, car accidents, or any other kind of accident, inflammation in joints and tissue,  structural issues of the bone and tissue, and general aches and pains. 

Tuning fork Sound Therapy will assist in releasing stuck energy, knots, and tension in bone, tissue, muscles, and tendons, therefore improving energy flow, reducing/eliminating pain, and improving the movement and flexibility in affected areas.  Specific Tuning Fork frequencies are used directly on bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissue, to support healing. With assistance from tuning forks emotional trauma left within tissue due to injuries will be released so further shifting and healing can occur. 

**Nervous System & Brain Health Reboot - For those who are foggy-brained, have memory loss, have had a brain injury, or are on their computer or devices often.  Balancing Brainwaves, Mid-Brain, Hind Brain, and Frontal Brain and their various components. The Nervous System begins within the Brain and therefore will receive a reboot as well.


Note: Rowena combines her other skilled holistic healing modalities, within the Tuning Fork Sound Healing Sessions, as needed





Emotional Healing & Well Being

(Virtual & In-person East Portland, OR.)


 Fully Embrace Your Path - Move into a State of Flow -  Embracing Goodness,  Joy & Your Life's True Harmonics


Rowena McKee brings to each session her ability to re-frame and expand her client's understanding and compassion for self, expanded perspectives, insights into new potentials, increased clarity, and the way forward with more ease and grace.  She has over 13 years experience as an Emotional-Trauma Release Therapist,  Personal Growth Coach and Mentor. She brings forth her experience and training in Meridian Psychotherapy, Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Holistic Health and Nutrition.  She works with children as well as adults.


Many of us seek to move away from the imbalances that have shown up in our lives. We know there is more beyond what we can see and feel. We may feel stuck and not understand how to stop attracting drama, repeated behaviors, and various challenges.  We have often tried to release ourselves from various negative  feelings and beliefs, maybe through talk therapy or other therapies, without the success we want.  Through working with Rowena you will gain powerful tools and techniques to assist moving forward into greater self-empowerment and authenticity.


Rowena will assist you with releasing and neutralizing these difficult emotional interferences (PTSD, Anxiety, phobias, emotional trauma, anger and more) by removing their imprints at the cellular level and shifting at the the subconscious level)  You will gently be guided to shift these emotional and energetic imprints from their core beginnings - often where they started from childhood or from a difficult relationship. 


Through working with Rowena you will learn to create firm boundaries and to view, observe and design new creations within your life.  This can be done  by looking at your past lineage, and behavioral pattern, and removing what no longer serves you - moving you into higher and more refined beautiful harmonics of your en-souled Self,  and capturing the ability to govern your life with wisdom and discernment.


Chinese Medicine has been around for over 5000 years and it is highly effective. We see it effectively used through the modality of Acupuncture. In EFT/Energy Psychology we use our intentions and connection to a feeling/emotion or belief, along with an acupressure tapping sequence to clear and release stuck emotions that are driving us. Our minds are very powerful and when we connect with our body intelligence we can clear, release and neutralize these emotions from our cellular memory, where they are stored and otherwise easily triggered. We become the director and our DNA intelligence 'listens' to our heart-felt intentions, along with specific techniques. This can easily happen when we are connected to ourselves at that deeper body-mind level.

Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques are based on the scientific principle of Epigenetics and Chinese Medicine. Once challenging emotions held within the body memory are neutralized the brain recalibrates and new healthy neural pathways form and begin to groove, which assists to create a healthy new foundation. This gentle modality assists in shifting behaviors and thoughts, bringing the body into harmony and balance.  EFT has the efficiency and similar outcomes as EMDR, but in a more gentle and less invasive way, but  with outstanding effectiveness when used skillfully with a professional.

Find out if this modality is for you by contacting Rowena for your free 20 minute consultation


Holistic Nutrition & Health Consultant

(Virtual or In-Person, East Portland, OR.)


Rowena has been a practicing Holistic Nutritionist since 2008 and assists her clients to create an easy-to-follow plan to improve their health. Through education, breaking down and applying health concepts, and understanding how the body communicates information to us, we can learn how to make simple and easy changes to improve health. Rowena individualizes and tailors each session to her client's needs for health and wholeness. 

Book Your Session

60-75  Minute Session - Sliding Scale: $100-$130

Contact Rowena McKee - call/text 503-758-9922 or email

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