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Rowena's  Story

Rowena Grew up on a family farm in Western Oregon. She has always had a special relationship with nature and animals and has spent much time since she was young hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing in Oregon, Washington, Nevada & California. 


From an early age music was an integral part of her life. As a child, she started training as a classical pianist and her first career was as a successful Piano Instructor. After being in the field for many years she decided to make a career change and move into alternative health. 


Rowena has worked in the alternative health field, since 2010. Her formal training began in 2002-2004 in energy healing, followed by becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner & Nutritionist in 2008, adding Energy Psychology and Meridian Psychotherapy - EFT  in 2010.  


All of Rowena's training has given her a heightened intuitive sense and an understanding of how to benevolently work with the emotional mind and body, and the systems of the body through Tuning Fork Sound Therapy and Holistic Nutrition.  


In 2011 she started working with sound healing tuning forks.  Initially, she added harmonic soothing tones from tuning forks with her clients that she worked with for emotional trauma release and personal growth work. Her musical training and natural understanding of music allowed her to easily understand and work with different frequencies which assist in healing. 


Her training at the Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness prepared the way for becoming an instructor of sound healing. There she learned the science of sound and how profound sound healing is for the body.


Seven years ago Rowena had people approaching her and asking if she would start Tuning Fork Sound Healing Training classes. Since that time, she has been a Tuning Fork Sound Healing Instructor, creating a content-rich curriculum.  She has taught students from all over the country and internationally. 


These past thirteen years have been an amazing and beautiful journey. Rowena looks forward to continuing to expand personally, spiritually, and in the healing work she brings to the world.

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